Standardní délka trysek se ztrojnásobila na mm v kombinaci s průměry 18, 22 a 30; maximální délka pro verzi s průměrem 44 je nyní mm. Trysky typu D tak dosahují většího počtu vstřiků. V rámci trysek řady D, jež jsou vybaveny šroubovatelným hrotem, lze nyní dodat typy 1, 1B a 3B. Montážní komplet hrotu, který byl původně vestavěn do tělesa trysky, se nyní šroubuje do jejího jádra. Once we have it set, we can start the first print. Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet.

If the surface of the pad is made of polyetherimide, it is sufficient except for nylon : Clean with an alcohol wipe or window cleaner For higher materials, use glue Connection Check the location and attachment of the glass on the heated mat. Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet.

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Plug in the computer Calibration Calibration is required before the first print, as well as after handling the printer. The settings may differ for each printer.

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Click on zeroing the Z axis. The nozzle gradually travels down and either hits the glass surface or stays above MYTH ZOOM Clen surface.

If it touches the surface only lightly, we continue according to point e. The nozzle is not at the ideal height, so we have to manually turn the right-hand threaded rod, which holds the bar, a few steps to the left or right of the engine, so that the nozzle lightly touches the surface.

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We proceed according to step c. Move the nozzle 1 mm up in the Z axis and press zero the X axis. Trysky pro clen pro tloustku this is not the case, it is necessary to move the zero of the Z-axis optocoupler and repeat the whole procedure from point a.

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Z-axis alignment nozzle must not touch the washer. We perform inspections with cold pads so that the pad is not damaged. Inserting the filament into the print head First it is necessary to preheat the plate and the nozzle On the LCD monitor, go to the main menu and have the filament loaded The motor grips the filament and inserts itself into the head Trim the tip of the filament before insertion Check that filamnet has started to flow out of the nozzle If you are changing a new filament, be sure to push the old one out completely Print speed, temperature and accuracy settings Speed Set the speed at which the head will travel.

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Temperature The temperature is determined by the material We set the temperature of the nozzle and the washer See values above print area preparation It may vary depending on the printer Layer height This will determine how thick each layer will be A lower number means more layers and higher print quality but slower printing Good compromise: 0. If the angles of the model are too large, we prefer support so that the model does not collapse.

For some models, we can solve this problem by cutting the 3D model in Slic3r into parts that can be printed easily. If you are printing a model with a thin Trysky pro clen pro tloustku, then it is good to give support from the pad so that the model does not peel off the pad during printing.

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In general, we make sure that the first layer has sufficient adhesion and an area on which the model will adhere during printing. Once we have it set, we can start the first print.

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Not familiar with 3D printing, or do you want to deepen your knowledge? Try our 3D printing course for beginners or 3D printing training for advanced.

If you do not want to buy your own 3D printer, we offer an open workshop for members in Prague.

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