Alternativou je i lokální radioterapie. Histologické vyšetření amputátu prokázalo primární plazmablastický lymfom. His work is funny and moving, silly and serious, and always surprising.

His work is funny and moving, silly and serious, and always surprising.

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Here, we reveal ten lesser-known facts we gleaned upon visiting. Frogs and Plates No. He nearly became a bow-maker Teller was born in in Bubenreuth, near Erlangen, an area famed for the production of Franconian stringed instruments.

His family were instrument-makers, and he himself began training as a bow-maker before ill health forced him to quit.

He opted to study photography instead, attending the Staatslehranstalt für Photographie in Munich and moving to London in to kickstart his career. The Clinic No. Family is very important to him Teller is a devout family man, and frequently turns his lens Penis a photo.

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his kin. Elsewhere, she poses between the open jaws of an alligator, alongside various celebrities, and strolling through a Bavarian forest in a moving photo series accompanied by a short story about her maternal devotion.

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He also likes plates — a lot As hinted at above, Teller has an enduring fascination with plates. Teller often gives his models plates to hold or pose with.

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Sometimes, as Penis a photo. the Cobain image, the crockery bears his own photographs, at others it is plain white; some plates are dinner-sized, others giant platters.

He has an alter ego named Dieter In an amusing video installation titled Dieter, Erlangen we see Teller don an unkempt grey wig, blue beanie, scruffy leather jacket and jeans, his feet decked in socks and sandals.

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He carries an Aldi shopping bag and speaks with a thick Franconian accent. Teller had spoken of his fears surrounding the reception of his work by the locals, and this, it appears, is his way of making light of such worries.

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Self portrait, London © Juergen Teller 5. He never retouches his imagery Teller famously refuses to retouch his work — extending this policy to every commission, including covershoots of Hollywood stars.

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In another humorous exploit included in the show, we find the photographer taking a red and black sharpie to a self-portrait, which sees him lounging lazily in a leather armchair in a long fur jacket, legs akimbo, belly protruding.